Sunday, October 5, 2008

HW6 school

There are many differences between schools in Japan and in the United Sates. At first, in Japan, schools start in April and ends in March. However, in the United States, school starts in September and ends in June. This is the biggest difference between Japan and the United States. Secondly, high school in Japan, students have own class room. It means, students spend a day in the class room. And teachers come to the class. In contrast, in the United States, teachers have own room. Therefore, students have to move class room to class room every time. Finally, almost of all high schools in Japan have own uniforms. This uniform shows that the students belong to the school. At the same time, however, it shows the proud of the school. In addition, the uniform is a kind of symbol of the group. Many Japanese think to cooperate as a group is really important. So, this is a typical example of Japan. Differently, in the United States, many schools don’t have uniforms.I think it is because of the United States is the country which respect each personality. It might be a typical characteristic of United States. These days, however, American style schools are becoming popular more and more. Some people prefer the style because that is freer than Japanese style.

Monday, September 29, 2008


In my country, Japan, there’s a traditional kind of tea, Maccha. I cannot make Maccha, but I like the bitter taste. And, I like both coffee and tea, however, since I came here, I really miss Japanese green tea. Now, I can drink coffee everyday if I want to, but I cannot drink real Japanese green tea so easily now. When I was in Japan, drinking green tea was my dairy custom. In Japan, green tea is really popular and there are many kinds of green tea. Nowadays, green tea industry is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, there are many vending machines everywhere I go. And I could buy bottled green tea whenever I want. In contrast, in the United States, I cannot buy green tea like in Japan. Actually, there are bottled tea, however, it’s not real Japanese green tea. American green tea is so sweet and it’s like a juice for me. Unfortunately, many of Americans recognize it is a green tea. I want to introduce real green tea to American. After I came here, I realized I really love Japanese green tea.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

HW4 my favorite movie

In my country, Japan, both national movie and foreign movie is popular. I love foreign movie, the United States, because I can study English. In addition, I can learn the culture of the country. And, Hollywood movie is really world-wide, so I can know small tips of many country. Especially, I like comedy and musical movie.For example, Sister's act, Moulin Rouge, Bib mamma's house. These movies make me happy and warm. When I was a child, I couldn't go to movie theater so often. In my hometown, there are no movie theater. That's why, going to movie theater was special thing for me. Consequently, in Japan, Ghibli movie is really famous. These movies are animation that created by Hayao Miyazaki. I think these movies are great Japanese culture. The Ghibli movies are spreading all over the world now. Therefore, I hope many people become interested in Japan throw these movies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

HW3 my favorite music

I love music and I like all kind of music. However, my favorite music is foreign music, especially the Beatles and the Carpenters, because I can study English while listening to music. In addition, I have a precious memory about these artists’ song. When I was a child, my family went to sea every year. The sea was far away from my home and it took two hours, so it was like a wonderful trip for me. During the drive, my father loved to listen to these songs. Therefore, every time I listen to these songs, I remember important summer memory. Moreover, when I was middle school student, I belonged to a brass band. And I played Alto Saxophone. Although I don’t play alto saxophone anymore nowadays, I like listen to jazz alto saxophone. That kind of music makes me relax and calm down.

Monday, September 8, 2008

HW2 my favorite food

My favorite food is "Chirashi-zushi." It's a kind of sushi and famous in Japan.
It's easy to make it. All you have to do is just put everything that you like on the vinegered rice.
Most people put fish, salmon roe, and shrimp. This is a special meal for Japanese.
When the celebration or relatives gatheres one place, this food is provided.
"Chirashi-zushi" is a really memorable food for my family, because my mother made it only when something special happened.
Also, I like rice and seafood. It's a perfect food for me.
My grandfather and grandmother were farming rice, so we could eat delicious rice in hervest time.
And the season, I won the prize for the first time in the track and field, my mother made the sushi only for me.
I can't forget how nice it was! That's why whenever I eat "chirashi-zushi" remind me the joy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HW1 my first reaction

When I first came to the U.S., first, I was surprised at the airport.
Everywhere I look, there were many foreigners.
Second, I was surprised at bathroom.
I can see everyone's legs.
In Japan, usually each room are devided into like a private room.
That's why, I felt strange.
After that, I met my host family.
They welcomed me with great warmth.
They are also cheerful and friendly.
I was really impressed with their kindness.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm Chihiro! from JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!
i'm in EAP2 class.